Dr. Karen Moreno Fuentealba


Lectures for kids (2001-02) in Spanish only:

1. Introduction to Paleontology
2. Rocks and fossils
3. Plate tectonics and stratigraphy
4. Origin of life

Photos of the exhibition and field excursions

5. Evolution of fish and amphibians
6. Reptiles
7. Dinosaurs
8. Mammals

Videoconferences "Chilean children and the Bristol dinosaur" (2003)

Videoconferences organized and presented by Karen Moreno (from Bristol, UK) and the Program EXPLORA-CONICYT of the Ministry of Education and funded by the Curry Fund of the Geologists' Association (UK).

Aims: These lectures were intended for scholars from primary and secondary schools in Chile. The main objective was to teach in an interactive manner the history of life on earth, from the origin of unicell organisms to the evolution of mammals and large animals like the dinosaurs. The two videoconferences provided a wide background and some guidelines to help teachers develop the teaching of paleontology in Chile, which lacks professionals dedicated to this science, despite a large quantity of paleontological sites in the country.

More details in Spanish are available in the website of EXPLORA-CONICYT.