Dr. Karen Moreno Fuentealba


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  • PhD Thesis
  • CHAPTER 0: Abstract - Acknowledgments - Table of contents
  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction
  • CHAPTER 2: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous dinosaur footprints in South America: Descriptions and interpretations
  • CHAPTER 3: Dinosaur pedal biomechanics
  • CHAPTER 4: Conclusions

  • Projects in Australia:
    My investigations aim at identifying and understanding the forces influencing the skeletal morphology of a wide variety of extinct and modern species: mamals (sabretooth cat, thylacine and hominids), reptiles (crocodilians, varanids, theropod dinosaurs). In order to achieve these goals, I combine anatomical and biomechanical data using computer simulations and finite element analysis.
    To learn more, visit www.compbiomech.com

    Projects in Chile (in Spanish): Project in Peru:
  • Dinosaur footprints from Chacarilla (Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous) and from Termas del Flaco (Late Jurassic)
  • Paleoenvironment and paleofauna during the last interglacial near Valdivia (Pleistocene)
  • Paleo-archaeological dig in Osorno (Pleistocene)
  • Dinosaur footprints from Querulpa Chico (Late Jurassic)

  • Student supervision:
  • Leonora Pilar Salvadores Cerda (May 2007-May 2008):
    A biology student from the Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile), investigating fossilized wood preserved in Pleistocene volcanic sediments.

  • Andrea Pino Olivares (July 2007 - September 2008):
    A biology student from the Pontificia Universidad Católica (Valparaíso, Chile), investigating the bite mechanics of Varanus giganteus.

  • Germán Montoya Sanhueza (since March 2008):
    Biology student from the Universidad de Concepción (Concepción, Chile), investigating fossil remains of Miocene mammals from Northern Chile.